Don't try this at home -- or anywhere else!
As a child, I repeatedly read about Wadlow's enormity in the first several pages of the annual Guinness World Records books. There were only a few images, but they were powerful, and they planted the seed for my lifelong curiosity into human anomalies.
The thing Broadway producers don't seem to fathom (as reported in Patrick Healy's article in The New York Times January 7th) is that musicals by their very nature are not always feel-good events. And so The Last Ship will inevitably sink on Jan. 24 after a four-month run.
"My Sunday Was Better Than Yours!!!!" a user named the_ssnoopy_show posted. The stunt was part of what's known as a "sideshow
What's morbid? Joanna Ebenstein takes us through the Morbid Anatomy Museum and tells us about the life of the morbid and strange.
Ward Hall has the memory of an elephant, the exaggerative dialogue of a Ginsu Knife salesman and a sequined wardrobe that would have made Liberace turn his head.
American's have long been fascinated by the lives of "freaks." June 27th the award-winning documentary Bound by Flesh opens.
In this clip from Freakshow, Morgue performs a regurgitation stunt that can only be described as disgusting
Check out the Facebook event for "SIDESHOW" here or head here to purchase tickets. The Culture Whore is a "living magazine
There was a time when little people in early circus sideshows were victims willing to exploit their afflictions to make a living; I don't believe that's the case with Little Women: LA.