The “Election” director talks the state of Hollywood and his new movie “Downsizing.” Just don’t compare it to “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.”
"I believe Robert is still in love with Frances," he says. "She's the one that blinks first in terms of 'Do I love my husband
Well, it's that "over the meadow and through the woods to grandmother's house we go" time of year. Or, in my case from LA to the Bay Area, it's "over the meadow and through woods to a cousin's house we go" on the Interstate 5. Yeah, the I-5.
At the Disney studio, Walt is overjoyed to finally meet Pamela... "Mrs. Travers," she insists. It's been almost 20 years
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The annual Marin film fest, in its 36th year, will feature early peaks at Oscar contenders, award nights to rising and veteran stars and storytellers and compelling features and documentaries of social significance.
From James Bond to Frank the Tanks, movie characters we'd love to drink with.