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Maya Hughes and her mom kept wondering who was “the complete stranger” who helped them. He turned out to be former Virginia congressman Tom Perriello.
"And really deeply, truly, I am over the passivity of good men."
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Flooding has killed thousands of people in Asia and Africa during the month of August alone.
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Cross posted from UN Women. Following heavy rains on 14 August, mudslides have left more than 400 people dead and an estimated
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A massive mudslide tore through Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown. Thousands have been left homeless, and over 600 people are still missing.
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A mass burial today will free up space for more bodies in the central morgue, which is overloaded.
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“The disaster is so serious that I myself feel broken,” said the country's vice president.
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Sandra Musujusu's research focuses on a type of breast cancer that commonly affects black women.
Investing in community health workers (CHWs) results in a positive return — one as high as 10:1 when accounting for increased
During the spring of 2014, Sierra Leone was hit with the worst Ebola epidemic in history. Public gatherings were prohibited
He escaped a brutal civil war and came 6,000 miles to join the U.S. Army.
My 18-year-old daughter is college-bound this week. It's my turn to get caught in the glaring lights of late adolescence -- the ones that illuminate the unfinished business of the previous generations.
Those of us living in developed countries often take good roads, affordable transportation and quick and easy access to vital services, for granted. But instead of being able to jump in your car and go where you want when you want, what if you had to walk those many miles to work, school and market each day?
However, victims of sexual assault who are 'visibly' pregnant still not allowed in classroom.
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The Rio Olympics has been hit by allegations of a conflict of interest over the dangers of the Zika virus to tens of thousands
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During Sierra Leone’s Ebola crisis, thousands of girls became pregnant, some as young as nine. Communities report that there