However, once it was clear no one wanted to handle the truth, Trump quickly walked his statement back, denying that he had
One begins to imagine a final evacuation like that from Saigon, via helicopter atop the U.S. embassy. Afghanistan is not yet there, but Washington's expensive dream of remaking Central Asia almost certainly is dead.
How to track the taxpayer money helping rebuild the country is a key question as budget battles begin this week.
An inspector general says about $150 million was spent on private housing and security for officials who could have cheaply lived on U.S. bases.
"It’s hard to imagine a more outrageous waste of money."
The USAID program that funds the health clinics in Afghanistan was started in 2008 and spans 13 provinces throughout the
The US has spent some $110 billion on Afghanistan's reconstruction. More than half ($60 billion) has gone to build the Afghan security forces, including the Afghan National Army and the various police forces.
The inspector general asked USAID to respond by June 30 to a series of questions about how it is investigating whether Afghan
The Pentagon has declined to take disciplinary action against Allen or the two other officers the inspector general recommends
The previous NATO-led mission in Afghanistan, which ended in December, had for the last six years released figures and assessments