Sigmar Gabriel

"Driving defense spending to insane heights" is not the answer, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said.
"What we heard today were high nationalistic tones."
With Cuban minister of foreign relations Bruno Rodriguez's visit to Germany a new chapter of cooperation seems to open. Steinmeier
BERLIN -- Never before have so many people fled political persecution and war as today. Many of them are seeking refuge here with us in Europe. As Europeans, we owe it to ourselves and to the world to help them.
This is probably the greatest domestic challenge of the coming years, especially for Europe, which is currently failing to respond. It is an absolute shame that many countries in the European Union only want to receive a very small number of refugees, or none at all.
The "Chlorhuhn" chicken symbolizes the fears triggered by a proposed free trade agreement. The fear is that foreign products will push out local goods, and that health standards will drop. We are also having an argument about the way the major Internet companies mine and use data -- with the danger that they will turn us into transparent human beings. But one thing we do agree on is that unrestricted monitoring of communications by secret services can destroy the Internet as a space of liberty. Google's Eric Schmidt rightly described this practice as "outrageous."