sign language

“My looks are important to me, but this is a priority and I’m not stopping this until we get it done," state Rep. Jonathan Brostoff said.
The deaf model and artist's take on Grande's smash got praise from the pop diva herself.
"It’s a view of just a few seconds of a disabled person’s life," said DiMarco, an "America's Next Top Model" winner who is deaf.
The company’s first “signing store” in the United States encourages all customers to speak in ASL.
Although there are millions of people who are deaf/ hard of hearing in this country, it was not until 2011 (Super Bowl XLV
Raising deaf children with access to sign language has been shown to yield benefits in many areas of life, even for children working to acquire spoken language skills or those who have Cochlear Implants.
You would love to meet her and spark up a conversation, but you feel nervous.
Over the past few years, I've developed significant bilateral hearing loss. We're still not sure why or if it's going to get worse. But during this transition to understanding everyone around me to struggling to piece together context clues and pathetic attempts at lip reading, I have learned a few things.
From weddings, to school plays, to kickboxing lessons; from births, to job promotions, to funerals-- sign language interpreters
There are many more misconceptions. These are just a starting point for a conversation.
Kaitlyn Greenidge's debut about family, race, and eugenics is a haunting coming-of-age novel. It's a significant and timely work which delves into humanity and the exploration and dark underbelly of the Toneybee Institute's dark 1920s secret experiments.
Three young software engineers hope to be able to help Brazil’s hearing-impaired community.
A young girl with hearing problems wasn't thrilled to be on Santa's lap... until he started signing.