The "Late Show" host tries to decipher the president's infamously illegible autograph.
7. The terms used and their context are critical. Be careful when using words such as "accept," "agree," and "agreement." Rather
If you're only using email to communicate with your customers, you're missing out on a valuable piece of marketing real estate.
Keyser: "It was an interesting week. It wasn't too dramatic for us. We had double- and triple-checked our petition process
Listen to Jon Keyser on the Mandy Connel Show May 2, 2016 Keyser missed the mark in one congressional district because the
In its report on a Denver judge's decision to allow U.S. Senate candidate Jon Keyser on the Republican primary ballot, after
Some commentators also suggest that the entire will signing ceremony be recorded on video as an additional source of evidence concerning the mental state and competency of the testator. This is not legally required and a testator should consult her or his attorney.
The argument for most of this is that cursive writing is no longer necessary. In today's high-tech world of smartphones, tablets and computers, many people feel that cursive writing is no longer needed. Unfortunately, there are many side effects of this kind of thinking.
The White House announced it will now require online petitions to have at least 100,000 signatures in 30 days to warrant administration response, up from 25,000. We are joined by Nick Wing, Elie Mystal, Joseph Ahearn and Karl Idsvoog.
The upcoming election has many Americans contemplating those leadership skills which are most essential for the one who leads them. What can we learn from the signature of Barack Obama?
We're not sure who Josh Velasco is, but he's out there signing yearbooks better than anyone we've ever seen before. Future
Via Doodle of Boredom What kind of hidden messages could he be sending with this prehistoric subliminal imagery? Perhaps
He noted that an "original print, where an artist himself worked on it," has a longer lasting value than a photographic reproduction
Other than at the teller line, most banks don't actually view signature cards until there's a problem. Same with credit card
Forgiving student loan debt would truly allow the educated lower and middle classes to create a solid foundation for a new economy.