We have become so habituated to work and family stress that we regard it as normal. But chronic stress is anything but normal. We need to put an end to stress before stress ends us... and we can!
If you spot the signs that you are doing too much early, they wont completely derail your career. Keep a temperature check on your reactions and how you are feeling and do something fast if stress raises its head.
We want to have our stuff together, or at least look like we do. To appear stressed, fatigued or overwhelmed is viewed as a sign of weakness. In our desire to have it all and be it all we are masking the warning signs of burnout.
Many dogs drown in pools over the summer, though not for lack of a naturally ability to swim. The accident happens when they mistakenly fall into the water chasing prey/object or horsing around poolside.
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Between the hectic schedule of holiday parties, trying to get all that work finished before your days off and finding the
I used to ignore or fight my tells, now I pay very close attention to them, which allows me to handle stress much better. Children's literature is one of my joys, and it's also my mental comfort food.