sikh americans

The often-targeted group finally gets its due.
No American should have to compromise his or her religious beliefs in order to participate in public activities or make a livelihood, unless the compromise is truly necessary. Shamefully, Sikhs and many other Americans whose religious beliefs are not fully understood or respected, are forced to consider that compromise solely for failing to fit a particular image and look a certain way.
Sikh Americans continue to live in a state of constant vigilance, defending our values, our articles of faith, our patriotism, and our right to live without fear of being accosted or physically attacked for our faith.
Service is the core of Sikh practice, but it's not the kind of service we think we know. Seva is not safe. Seva is not easy. Seva means selfless service.
The percentage of Americans who have a close friend or acquaintance who is Sikh, while just 31 percent have seen or interacted
"For me tragedies and experiences we would define as intensely negative have been doorways to fascinating journeys many of
This is not about demonizing Urban Outfitters. It is about refusing to support entities that actively engage in racism via cultural appropriation.
In addition, the policy also requires service men and women to apply for new waivers every time they move to a new post, VOA
This internal memo is conclusive proof that even government officials hold a patently false view that turbans are associated with a dangerous "other" and a threat to American security and identity.
"This [PSA] was an opportunity for me to narrate a powerful manifesto with an audience that is twofold," Ahluwalia told Mic