sikh coalition

Suspect Eric Breemen told a Sikh store owner from Colorado to "go back to your country," according to an advocacy group.
The attacker choked the Uber driver while shouting derogatory comments about the victim's "dark skin," Indian heritage, and turban, police say.
Harris County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal made history in 2015 for wearing his articles of faith while in uniform.
Nearly half of Sikh or Muslim survey participants claim they've experienced verbal harassment referring to their race, ethnicity or religion.
Gurjeet Singh says he is traumatized, the Sikh Coalition reports.
The often-targeted group finally gets its due.
Religious organizations urged a federal court to approve construction of the mosque.
Sikhs have often been targeted by people who mistake them for Muslim.
Sixty-seven percent of turbaned Sikh youth say they've been targeted by bullies. This is an outrage.