sikh faith

The colorful event taught people about the Sikh faith and aimed to stop bullying.
"As a Sikh there is no distinction between what is or isn't spiritual."
Find a comfortable nook, settle in and let these books be your guide.
2014-08-16-20140814MandeepJangismall.jpgMandeep Jangi of Middlesex, New Jersey, cites his Sikh faith as the "more visible aspect" of his identity. His decision to cut his hair (long hair is a traditional part of Sikh culture) was the first step to discovering his own individual identity.
No religion or community, whether they are Muslims, Sikhs or Christians, should bear the burden of a single person's crime.
The word kirpan comes from Persian and literally means "bringer of mercy." It represents the Sikh commitment to resist oppression and injustice, but only in a defensive posture.