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An activist and a filmmaker, Kaur made a film about Oak Creek and was on site when the temple or gurdwara, reopened. “Even
I am a Sikh. I am a Muslim. I am poor. I am rich. I am a woman. I am my brother. I am my neighbor's child. I am the person who will lose my voting rights.
Purely psychological answers are not enough to promote long-term recovery in communities after hate crimes. The media needs to talk about the role of education, advocacy and activism as ways that communities can heal after traumatic events that involve hate.
Curiosity has inspired many, me included, to consider the potential of humankind. But our limitations bring me down. If Mars sent a rover to Earth, it would be called Stupidity.
The state legislators stressed that there is a greater need for individual responsibility in terms of preventing future attacks
In a special one-hour Democracy Now! broadcast, we examine two key influences on Wisconsin Sikh temple shooter, Wade Michael Page: The neo-Nazi music scene and pervasive white supremacism in U.S. military ranks.
Mitt Romney made an unfortunate slip of the tongue during a fundraiser Tuesday, when he mistakenly said "sheik" instead of
More details have come to light about the man who shot dead six worshippers and critically wounded three others at the Oak Creek Sikh temple in Wisconsin before he was killed by police.
Pat Robertson blames atheists for wisconsin temple shooting
No religion or community, whether they are Muslims, Sikhs or Christians, should bear the burden of a single person's crime.
If we don't ask why a small religious community in the Midwest was targeted by a 40-year-old white man, if we don't make this discussion as loud and robust as the one that followed the attack on those young people in Aurora, we're in danger of undermining what America stands for.
As members begin mourning the loss of fellow worshippers, they're also trying to reconcile how a sacred space reserved for
We didn't invent hatred or fear of the Other. The difference is that in America, guns -- even military-grade assault weapons -- are legal and easy to acquire. Hate, plus unregulated guns, is a deadly equation. And one that has the potential to curtail free expression.
Their fears turned out to be justified: the shooter has been identified as Wade Michael Page, a neo-Nazi who made white nationalist
Yes, Sikhs are not Muslims and Sikhs are not Hindus, but jumping to clarify difference leaves the unfortunate, if unintentional, perception that there is something wrong with those "others."
The Sikh world offers its condolences to the victims of the tragedy, their loved ones and their community. May God grant families of the deceased the strength to bear the loss of their loved ones, and grant healing and solace to the wounded hearts.
Considering the various challenges our communities have overcome, as well as my own experiences of growing up in Texas, I have no reason to believe that Sikh and American identities are mutually exclusive.
Gov. Nikki Haley has released a statement in response to the shooting earlier on Sunday at a Sikh Temple in suburban Milwaukee
"Michelle and I were deeply saddened to learn of the shooting that tragically took so many lives in Wisconsin," he said. "At
Addressing the tragic incident that resulted in numerous deaths and injuries, Walker said, "While the situation in Oak Creek