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It's time to say good-bye to Grandma's knitted owl collection, and somehow break down Gramp's' garage -- the tool benches, weird springs and connectors he always liked. The whole house is packed, and the realtor told you to have it empty by June 1. Anxious yet?
On a call last month, a male investor finally raised the issue of pregnancy and whether Na'ama should lead our fundraising. When Na'ama responded calmly, he expressed relief. "I was really worried about how you would react. But I needed to tell you that everyone you meet will wonder how your pregnancy will impact your ability to deliver the fundraising goals."
Telle: The number one reason women come is for the connection. That's been true since the beginning. As an attendee, you
Stephanie Tilenius is CEO and Co-Founder of Vida Health. Vida is a next generation, mobile, virtual care platform, and health expert marketplace for consumers and businesses.
Even Marc Andreessen has trouble attracting women to his $4 billion venture capital firm. The venture capital titan said
With nearly 16 million programmers in the world, at 10 to 15 percent women, there are more than two million female programmers -- but we never see them. echnical women remain largely invisible and behind the scenes despite important and often elite contributions.
In response to complaints from major shareholders, Apple has vowed to diversify its nearly all-white, all-male Board of Directors with a tweak to its corporate charter.
Jung is the only non-white board member in Apple’s history and only the second woman, following Katherine M. Hudson, who
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