silk road

"2017 is the revolution year we have been speaking about."
Moving away from Western influence, Africa is already getting a glimpse of a different future.
China plans to invest $30 billion in Haiti’s infrastructure according to the Haitian Press Agency (AHP). This week the Mayor
Beijing is reviving the ancient Silk Road routes and claiming the South China Sea like America once claimed the Caribbean.
The success of the new Silk Roads depends on delivering win-win scenarios.
While China barrels ahead building a new Silk Road for the 21st century, abandoned zones in the West reach a dead end.
The initiative could be the most significant coordinated development undertaking in history. But success is far from certain.
By James M. Dorsey Troubled ports in Pakistan and Sri Lanka, envisioned as part of China’s string of pearls linking the Eurasian
Muhammad and I listened to a mix of Turkish and American pop music from his tiny car radio for the hours drive to Kilis, Turkey's
The current strategic mistrust between Delhi and Beijing will make it very difficult for Indian policymakers to accept the "One Belt, One Road" initiative in its present form.