silver medal

Joachim B. Olsen, an Olympic shot put silver medalist running to be a member of Denmark's Parliament, placed a campaign ad on Pornhub.
Our society praises winners but shares nothing about the hardship we overcome to win.
The natural assumption would be that gold medalists are the happiest, followed by silver, then bronze, but it turns out, bronze medalists are significantly happier than silver medalists. Significantly.
I believe that no other team in the world works as well together as the American team did this year at the Olympics.
The silver medals (93 percent silver, 7 percent copper) are worth about $335 and the bronze (mostly copper) less than $5
Imagine that making laws is a competition between two nations, Republicans and Democrats, and the teams are made of 313 Democrats and 219 Republicans. How would they behave if they were like our Olympians?