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In a heartfelt Moth story about the sometimes disparate relationship between fathers and sons, Neil Gaiman shared with an audience that his proud father had shown up to a very stressful book signing, unannounced, while Neil was signing copies of Anansi Boys, an adventurous novel about fathers and sons that blends myth, prophecy and family dysfunction.
"Are there any thespians in the house?" asked Simon Doonan at City Winery for the second annual House of SpeakEasy gala on Wednesday night, looking for sympathy.
It's no secret that we're obsessed with Mr.Cory, the 10 year-old CEO who has more style than most adults we know. And it
Don't be afraid to go with a dark exterior. Even if it's only repainting the front door or mailbox. Bonus tip: Have a photogenic
Fashionista sat down with Doonan, and he had some things to say about those brilliant fashion minds that started at the bottom
We can't get enough of these two! Luckily, Doonan shares his love for eccentric designs. He admits that most of the things
A version of this post also appears on Gossip Central. Words matter. On Thursday, the Guild Hall stage became a forum for
Watch the video above for flashback photos of the happy couple throughout the years, amazing footage of their home (check
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"American men need to get over their Freudian fear of showing off their junk," Simon Doonan proudly proclaims in a piece for Slate.
Oy vey. Doonan goes on to explain that American men seem to have the idea that Speedos are only for "foreigners" and "friends
Scroll through the photos to see their amazing home and be sure to head over to Gardenista for more information. ** Have
"As a public servant you can never appear to be chic. You need to look kind," he offered. She's got two Ivy League degrees
Whether being praised or despised, black women and our hair is a hot topic. And the latest headline-making story comes courtesy
MadTV fans, rejoice: Bon Qui Qui has been hired by Alexander Wang, and if you think she did not bring her sass with her, you
Thursday night was a busy one in the city, and I used it as an opportunity to check out some of the holiday windows on Madison Avenue before heading to a much anticipated spa opening downtown.
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The cars and stars shone brightly on a balmy San Francisco evening, as the top deck of the Metreon became the lavish location for Japanese automaker Lexus to introduce its new line.
Stephanie Mark, Erin Kleinberg and Jake Rosenberg have transformed an ambitious fashion blog into a bonafide brand; their site The Coveteur has quickly become one of the most covetable spaces to be featured on.