Simona Halep

The tennis star said her royal friend is also happy for Simona Halep for her first Wimbledon win. "That’s just the kind of person that she is,” Williams said.
The royal sisters-in-law watched Simona Halep defeat Serena Willams in the women's singles final.
The Romanian Halep beat Williams 6-2 at the All England Club.
The 17-year-old stunned defending champ Simona Halep to blaze into the semifinals.
It was her first Grand Slam match since her drug suspension.
The Forbes list of the world's highest-paid female athletes was recently released, and to nobody's surprise, tennis players claimed most of the spots. Let's take a look at the top seven female tennis players in terms of earnings.
There's no word on whether Halep, who hit the ball, argued the umpire's call that it was out of play. Being a chair umpire
"My ability to react quickly was worse, and my breasts made me uncomfortable," Halep said. "It's the weight that troubles
Scroll down to see the screenshots of the vandalized Wikipedia entry. Don't miss: Before and after photos of Halep's chest
Tennis star Simona Halep has returned to competitive play after undergoing breast reduction surgery. The Romanian busted