1. Tossing and catching a ball tethered to my wrist. 2. Blinking often and rapid blinking a few times a day. 3. Lifting eyebrows
In the past couple of weeks I was at a retreat (sans computer or iPhone) and then it was Christmas and my usual unrestricted
Answer by Skyler Irvine, Entrepreneur/Investor, on Quora: More questions: Take the first parking spot you see. Period. When
That afternoon I reached out to five people asking for support. But again I was assuming one of them would "rescue" me and
Someone should, anyway, and I'm not one to pass the buck. But the sun is bright in an autumn sky, the temperature invites
Here's the funny truth though: I'm sick to death of this salad. Every time I tell myself, "Hey, let's go find something new
Determining the next action is the crux of completing. And before doing that next action, first there is this decision to make: is this my next action or can I delegate it to someone else? (It's is good to delegate whenever possible.)
After experiencing the profound emotional, mental and energetic benefits from decluttering my home, I decided that I wanted to experiment with this way of living and see what other areas that I could "shine" this liberating way of life.
Withheld and incomplete communications can pull more on our attention than not finishing an email inbox or completing a project. In my experience incomplete communications can seem subtle but as I describe in a recent experience of mine, not so subtle.
Use the power of reduction to set positive constraints. Make way for what's important to you.