The key for me is engagement and self-accountability. Does this goal have meaning and am I inspired to participate fully
Martha 1. Take time to complete 2016. Touch all file folders, electronic and physical, toss what is not in active use, clean
Getting Smarter: Can non-geniuses develop mathematical intuition? Personal Productivity: What makes people lazy? Productivity
Until yesterday when my good friend called me forward into action and dared me to think outside the box and just get it done
Someone should, anyway, and I'm not one to pass the buck. But the sun is bright in an autumn sky, the temperature invites
Determining the next action is the crux of completing. And before doing that next action, first there is this decision to make: is this my next action or can I delegate it to someone else? (It's is good to delegate whenever possible.)
After experiencing the profound emotional, mental and energetic benefits from decluttering my home, I decided that I wanted to experiment with this way of living and see what other areas that I could "shine" this liberating way of life.
Withheld and incomplete communications can pull more on our attention than not finishing an email inbox or completing a project. In my experience incomplete communications can seem subtle but as I describe in a recent experience of mine, not so subtle.
Use the power of reduction to set positive constraints. Make way for what's important to you.
IN is the location of everything you haven't yet seen or you have seen it and you are procrastinating on a decision. It's a physical designation and not a place in your head.
Do you love to travel, or do you dread it? For many people, travel is fun, except for the packing part. What to take, what
Due to challenges with the placement of the cover of my new book, Tuck Me In, the printer decided to pull their contract. The email notifying me of this was easily something I could "react to." I was just about to begin one of my bi-weekly Hour of Focus calls and given the nature of the call I chose in the moment to reply to the email with a simple -- please reconsider.
Focus on natural foods from the earth, not from a box. We need to approach this modern availability of food with caution
Martha 2. If there is something you are not using but it is a 10 and your intuition says to keep it, go ahead. (Be discerning
I am using what I am calling my "inner pause and delete buttons" and asking myself if what I am about to text, email or speak
It means cutting back on clutter, distractions, and focusing on the essentials. Once again, simplicity has a more proactive attitude toward life as it means to eliminate the unnecessary in order to focus on priorities.
Constant and relentless innovation is essential. Get the basics right every time. The firm should be egalitarian - e.g. no