Sina Weibo

没有同意就是性侵, “No consent means sexual assault,” began trending across platforms including Weibo and WeChat.
The “Last Week Tonight” host laid into China’s President Xi Jinping pretty deeply.
Sina Weibo's new "clean-up" measures will no longer include LGBTQ content.
So this is a huge crisis that just exploded on social media. The company handled the crisis very badly. Instead of just apologizing
Beijing takes cheating very seriously, and there is a new law now that brands any cheating as criminal. As you know, cheating
This week's HotPost is 'Papi Jiang', and is a typical modern Chinese social media story. It's the story of this young influencer called 'Papi Jiang' who is a beautiful and smart 'youtuber'.
Last week there was another regulation concerning the Chinese Internet, forbidding foreign companies from posting content on Chinese social media. In short, Beijing is getting more and more controlling over anything and everything that is broadcasted in China online and offline, on the Internet and on TV.
The HotTopic of the week is the Chinese New Year, going from the year of the Goat to the year of the Monkey. It's a huge celebration in China. It is the biggest migration of all species on the planet at that particular time of the year.
This is one man's mission to document the city's smog.
The three picks by Time reflect the very different thinking and ideology of Chinese society, which is generally getting more divided rather than united under Xi's leadership. People just choose to believe in different things -- money, power or the long-awaited "Chinese dream" by some and, perhaps the entire nation, for freedom.