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A moderator asked Del. Sam Rasoul, a Democrat running for lieutenant governor, whether he could represent Virginians “regardless of faith or beliefs."
The newly elected Republican was let off with a warning and was allowed to keep its skull and hide.
"I would hope his dedication to the school outweighs his dedication to politics,” said one teacher at a school founded by Fred Smith.
The conservative company owns a huge swath of the local news market in the U.S.
The media giant is dropping its right-wing "must-run" segments by Boris Epshteyn, its chief political analyst and former aide to President Donald Trump.
At least 20 stations published online articles on the campaign's "Keep America Great" hat, some asking readers on social media whether they would buy it.
Last week, meteorologist Joe Crain went viral for his on-air rebuke of a "corporate initiative." Now he's out of a job.
An Illinois meteorologist has been off the air since telling viewers the ominous warning was a "corporate initiative" that "many of us have tried to dissuade."
The congresswoman used the foot-in-mouth moment to show how misinformation spreads.
Loomer was recently banned from Twitter for promoting hateful anti-Muslim views.