Sinead O'Connor

"This is the natural conclusion of any intelligent theologian’s journey."
The singer posted the video, in which she speaks of the stigma surrounding mental illness, last week.
Arsenio Hall has brought a $5 million defamation lawsuit against Sinead O'Connor over the singer's recent Facebook post accusing
You wouldn't know it because of the way we talk about mental health in this country -- the way we shame and mock each disorder, each symptom, each call for help. As a society, we have made a serious health condition something that is easier to hide than to address.
The singer has spoken publicly about the stigma of mental health issues.
In times of violence and grief, we are too consumed with patching up the holes left on our hearts to remember to keep our eyes to the stars. But that's when someone like singer and cellist Naomi Berrill comes in to save the day.
Hard to say what was more inexplicable: that much ado was made about reality star Kim Kardashian popping up on the cover of Rolling Stone, or that even more ado was made over Sinead O'Connor's Facebook post criticizing the event.
Why do we pretend Whoopi saying something shocking is shocking?
Sinead O'Connor is keeping up with the Kardashians, but she's not thrilled about it. The outspoken singer-songwriter took
Here's O'Connor's full Facebook post: It's been "nine months or so" since Sinead O'Connor took her love away. That's when