The pop diva rode MTV's "TRLevator" to mark the release of her new album, "Caution."
🎤 Oh Trump can’t get his agenda through 🎤
If I wanted to dance, I would have gone dancing. And if your music is so wonderful that it moves me to dance, I'm fully capable of doing it on my own; I don't need you to guage my excitement level.
 The pop is gone! For that matter so is the rap, r&b, stadium rock and all the other things that aren't "alternative". Alternative
Did President Obama get his hands on an early copy of Sing You Home? Or does best-selling novelist Jodi Picoult, as usual
Tafelmusik's Messiah sing-along has become an annual traditional full of holiday merriment that brings together friends and loved ones to sing aloud one of the season's most joyous songs.
I'm sad to note that another byproduct of corporate media greed is the squelching of simple, silly fun that is not only a buzzkill for the cult-o-Buffy, but also bad business for Fox.