Sing Sing

With an overwhelming 2.2 million people behind bars, it’s tempting to focus reform efforts on those convicted of non-violent
I have lost half my life to a wrongful conviction. At first I was broken, but before my spirit deteriorated, my resilience
OSSINING, N.Y. — Inside a cool, rugged chapel of tan brick and brown benches, the Rev. Tom Ahearn read a passage about repentance
Every commencement ceremony is a congratulatory event that marks the end of an educational process en route to some particular career. But there is one graduation that is different from all others. It takes place annually at the Sing Sing maximum security prison in Ossining, New York.
Recently retired Prisons Commissioner Brian Fischer made the keynote address. He did not romanticize them but neither did
It is a mix of journalistic integrity and personal generosity that has served him well and brought Ted Conover much attention for his in-depth reporting about the issues of our times.
For many Americans, Sing Sing, Leavenworth and San Quentin are well-known code words for crime. Newsone has compiled a list
It's Good Friday and I'm going up the river to Sing Sing. Superior Donuts, a play I had performed in Chicago and New York, is being staged as part of a program called Rehabilitation Through the Arts. I'm going to meet the cast.
The ancestors populating the paternal side of Cassidy's family tree were all New Yorkers (mostly from Queens) until his father
In this time of economic crisis in New York State, when politicians are looking for solutions to reduce the budget deficit, they need look no further than the state's correctional system.
I was the Protestant Chaplain at Sing Sing Correctional Facility for seven years. The daily count of the prisoners is at the same time as prayer -- 5 am, 11 am, 5 pm, 11 pm.
I am here at Sing Sing to to bring The Good Men Project, the anthology I've edited, inside the prison -- physically and in spirit.
Non-violent drug offenders who are locked up are pawns in urban political gamesmanship. Nobody talks about them. There's no political will to look at it. There's no political capital in it. It's a no-winner.