singin in the rain

As a teenager, she had no dance experience. Yet she kept up with 40-year-old Gene Kelly in “Singin' in the Rain.”
We struck gold twice in a matter of weeks -- my daughters, Lea and Sara, and I -- intoxicating artistry in dance at a pair of performances spanning the old and new year.
Studios were forced to rent cameras for each production, and an emissary from Technicolor monitored the entire filming process
Here's an easy question for you: Can you name a legendary dancer and innovative choreographer who also successfully directed movies, and whose athleticism, masculinity and exuberance won audiences' hearts the world over each time his magical gifts leapt onto the silver screen?
We're in the thick of a movie-musical renaissance. Ignited by the success of "Moulin Rouge!" and "Chicago" in the early 2000s
15. Hairspray: "Good Morning Baltimore" This 2007 musical is based on the 2002 Broadway adaption which is based on the 1988
It's one thing for an orchestra to accompany a silent film. It is something else all together for an orchestra to accompany a sound film, let alone a musical. That's the challenge the San Francisco Symphony will face when the world renown orchestra accompanies the classic musical, Singin' in the Rain.
My father worked with a lot of famous people over the years, but this one was special. I can still hear him talking about it in our house in Queens, as soon as he got home from the airport.
Singin' In The Rain is certainly the funniest musical ever produced. Beyond the succession of peerless gags and zingers, the zany tone and breakneck pacing, the movie skewers all the hype and make-believe of Tinseltown, but does it with considerable affection.
Singin' in the Rain has a few pioneering touches, but it didn't profoundly change the way that musical films were made. In fact, it was one of the last of the great musicals. That might be the secret: it was simply the pinnacle of the genre.
Ellen Harrington, the Academy's Director of Exhibitions and Special Events said, "We were wanting to do something for Gene
23. The title tune became the soundtrack to one of the most infamous moments in film when Malcolm McDowell sang it while
On the red carpet, he plucks an unknown from the crowd, a wide-eyed beauty and would-be actress named Peppy Miller (Berenice
What Glee shows us is that viewers still hunger for quality. For originality. For something different. For shows that break the mold and succeed in turning old-fashioned into new-fashioned.
Sarah Palin and Marilyn Monroe in the same breath? Huh? I can understand that people might associate Palin with something Hollywoodish, but the Hollywood character that Sarah Palin brings to mind is not Monroe.
With time it was inevitable that the technological innovation called "Blu-ray" would impinge on my particular corner of the movie universe, and I would have to confront it, willingly or not.
2005 -- for Best Picture, give me Capote over Crash any ol' time. Another uninspiring year, I thought.