single mother

After her abusive relationship ended in tragedy, this woman found the strength to take parenting into her own hands.
I was recently mansplained how there are real single moms and then there are single moms who claim the title. Ya know the type of single mom I'm referring to? No, you don't? That's ok, because I didn't either.
Men Studies show that nearly 57% of men and 54% of women will commit adultery at some point during their marriage. This majority
What happened to the days when our kids thought we were heroes day in and out? And it didn't take much more than bandaging a scraped knee, mending the seam of a disemboweled beanie baby or allowing an extra half hour of TV on a school night.
"I'm not eating that." I feel so clever, so resourceful. Smugly strolling back to the car I think I may even have a few feminine
"They've been through a lot with me. I want them to be happy to remember that they had good Christmas memories."
Aljelani Igwe, an 18-year-old from Camden, New Jersey, recently graduated from Leap Academy Charter School, 6ABC reported
We don't ask what stinks about us because we're afraid that whatever we hear is going to HURT our heart.
It's amazing what can happen when we are finally faced with something we've long been anticipating. Sometimes we realize why we yearned for it in the first place, and sometimes it becomes clear it's not actually what we wanted at all.
Art changed my perspective and the scared feelings I had quickly turned into hope, joy and happiness. Honestly when I was a young single mother, I felt a bit lost. But those times I chose to paint and create, changed my path, changed my focus and literally lit me up inside.