single on valentine's day

I advocate celebrating one's singledom on the heart holiday that finds you not alone - but, rather single. Being single, after all, is not a disease. It's a state of relationship.
No need to feel sad about being alone. Here's what you can do.
Hey, newly single people: If your plans for Valentine's Day involve little more than stalking your ex's Facebook page, please
And I just want to point out that I forgive you for outwardly skipping over me every single year -- clearly you don't feel that I'm worthy of being shot in the ass with your ridiculous golden "desire" arrow.
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At first glance, everything about Hawaii screams romance: the moon sitting delicately over rolling green hills, palm trees
2 "Love comes in all forms, it's all around you. Just cherish the moments for what they are." It's one of our favorite sayings
On the one hand, I thought, how sad to buy flowers, champagne, and nice food and look forward to an evening spent with me, myself, and I. But, on the other, what could be better? No, expectations, no disappointments, just me, myself, and I. And all three of us like it that way.
8 p.m.: You flirt with the delivery guy who rings your doorbell to drop off a stuffed-crust pizza. "Are you hungry?" You ask. "Do you want to come in for a slice?" He asks you to hurry up and sign the receipt. "It's Valentine's Day," he reminds you. "I need to get home to be with my girlfriend."