Rivals have challenged the Massachusetts senator on her plans to pay for the expansive legislation.
In 2008, single-payer health care was a fringe idea. Now, its opponents are the ones who have to explain themselves.
Tuesday is a chance to start seeking answers about a single-payer health care system in America.
Is someone going to make the case for Medicare for All at a hearing about Medicare for All?
It would create a big government plan but keep a role for private insurance.
But that doesn't mean the United States would get the same results.
The Minnesota congressman just replaced retiring Rep. John Conyers as chief sponsor of the main single-payer bill.
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has unveiled his single-payer health care plan, called the “Medicare For All" Act.
Max Baucus' comments show how far the debate has shifted.
The former vice president blamed the “morass” surrounding Obamacare passage in 2009 for tanking a cap-and-trade bill that would have curbed pollution.
The Boston event was part of the Second Annual Medicare-for-All National Day of Action put on by Students for a National
Every two years I'm asked my thoughts on the ballot issues. This year we have more proposals than usual, but my insight has not expanded accordingly. So I'm starting with those I most care about, and will get as far as I get. I expect you'll do the same.
Instead of a left-right issue, health care reform has become a top-down issue--corporate profits and oligarchy vs. democracy and the public interest.