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Wine, chicken wings and a vibrator. Sounds about right.
So before you try to fall madly in love with the person in the mirror, Rinzler offers a more attainable suggestion: Try befriending yourself. We don't require our friends to gaze into our eyes and tell us how amazing and special we are, but we do expect them to listen to us when we need to vent about a bad day at work.
Breaking: You don't need validation from a romantic partner to lead a fulfilling life.
Getting jilted during the holidays is rough, but there is a bright side for both new and long-term singles. In terms of the numbers anyway, this is the very best time to look love.
Roses are red, Violets are blue... It's blizzarding on Valentine's Day, so enjoy & NO BOO-HOO! 2. All that money that you
Think that divorcees are lonely, miserable and secretly dying to be coupled up? Think again. There are plenty of misconceptions
An uncoupled single person pays more income taxes on the same taxable income than a married couple filing jointly, even though
After being in a relationship for two years (with another one right before that), I thought that being single would be easy and that having my relationship removed would be a relatively painless procedure. However, this was not to be the case.
1. February 15th After a month or so of seeing pink and red hearts, roses, and lovey-dovey-ness all over, there’s nothing
If you are so sure that becoming unsingle is the ultimate and tyrannically powerful life goal of most single people, you probably believe a lot of other things about singles that just aren't true. It's time for some debunking.
Originally posted at the Living Single blog at Psychology Today. Recently, I heard from a student planning to do some research
Married soldiers have been paid more than single soldiers of the same rank as far back as World War I. By 2006, the disparity had grown to a 25% advantage for the married service members.