single woman

For Glamour, by Lane Moore. Right off the bat, I want you to know that I totally get it. Right now the entire world is talking
"Relationship status: Puts down a plus one on a wedding invitation for the extra plate of food."
The desire for sex and the desire for a religious life can be two tremendously strong pulls. One club member says of her younger self: "I want to be this church kid. I want to follow God." That never does stop the hormones, though.
No one can stand in the way of your travel plans! But ugh, if only you had someone to split the cost of a hotel room.
"When I think I'm winking, I'm actually just blinking."
Hate sleeping alone? Maybe you need a boyfriend arm pillow.
"Raise your hand if you accidentally dated someone for 9 months because you could easily share appetizers."
"Pooping with the door open. You'll never know a truer form of freedom."