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While these ideas may seem "out of reach," new developments in the fields of AI, robotics, digital medicine, 3D printing and more are transforming the way we live to ensure a better future.
Researchers at Harvard Medical School have “radically rewritten” the genome of bacteria E. coli. The team has replaced 7
Artificial intelligence is beginning to disrupt entire industries from finance to medicine. Yet the most revolutionary application
If 3D printing is already impacting manufacturing today, what breakthroughs could bioprinting — or printing any mix of organic
Miniaturization is one of the most world-shaking trends of the last several decades. Computer chips now have features measured
How do intelligent minds learn? Consider a toddler navigating her day, bombarded by a kaleidoscope of experiences. How does
I love Angie, even if she uses her free will in rebellion. Angie is furry, cute, and loveable. Most importantly, we've developed
Who will rule the future economy—entrepreneurs or mega corporations? Will the economy fracture into smaller and smaller bits
To most of us, DNA stores the code of all living things. But according to computer scientists, DNA may one day become the
It might be time to rethink fertility treatment. Here’s the scoop: scientists at Northwestern University 3D printed a functional
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