HARDAN, Iraq (AP) — Peering through binoculars, the young man watched as Islamic State extremists gunned down the handcuffed
In true keeping with its unconscionably horrific vision, Daash has been marching forward with a genocidal effort, specifically targeting Yazidi people whom it believes to be devil worshippers. Yazidis are not Muslim and practice some customs, including pagan ones that are misunderstood and leveraged as hate by Daash.
Elias’ family’s home is the only inhabited residence on the street. A protective wall prevents those on the street from knowing
An interview with "Living Level 3" co-creator Jonathan Dumont and writer Joshua Dysart.
The World Food Programme and writer Joshua Dysart have teamed up to create a graphic novel highlighting the work of the organization's
UN officials said they have no details about how many bodies might be inside the graves.
Even if the French wholeheartedly embraced this plan, it's not going to happen overnight. And a lot of brave soldiers are going to die in the effort -- there is no getting around that. Whether this price is politically acceptable is up to the French people, really. It's for them to decide.
Coordinated military offensives against ISIS have begun in the Middle East. In Iraq, Kurdish Peshmerga, with Special Ops and Coalition support, have begun an attack on an ISIS held city that controls an ISIS supply road.
Kurdish militia fighters launched a major offensive to retake Sinjar from the Islamic State group.
It has been a very bad year for the Yazidi, an ancient ethnic and religious group of over 500,000 people. And it has been a shameful year for the international community which has done little to assist them, more or less going about business as usual.
"It's the best feeling to kill the enemy," said a peshmerga who took a photo of himself with a corpse in the background on
The chopper only had space for 25 refugees. Listen to Jonathan Rugman's account of the evacuation here: In a powerful video
The White House has some thinking to do. Is the security situation in northwestern Iraq so dire that the administration's "one Iraq" policy needs to be reviewed and perhaps changed?
Abu-Bakr was one of hundreds of foreign fighters who flocked into the killing zones of Iraq to wage war against the “infidels