The 21,500-square-foot chasm swallowed three vehicles outside the Hospital of the Sea in Naples, Italy.
Leonard Shoulders was hospitalized and "traumatized," his mother said.
What would Trump do to prevent another calamity like Bayou Corne with its methane-drenched mud, its lost forest, its dead fish? He has been vague on many of the policies he might pursue as president, but on one thing he was clear: he would abolish the Environmental Protection Agency.
A stone knife, mastodon bones and fossilized dung found in an underwater sinkhole show that humans lived in north Florida
"We were scared, because water began to filter into the vehicle."
Locals said they heard a roaring crash during the night.
Sala Costa, the truck owner's wife, told Hawaii News Now that the sound of the running water woke her up and that firefighters