Sir David Attenborough

As one might expect all this attention seems to have put the primate research industry on the defensive. The lack of balance
“That is one [Zu]bat that will not return to the roost tonight."
Obama asked Attenborough what he thinks needs to be done in the fight against climate change. "I’ve been a huge admirer of
As the holder of 31 honorary degrees and an integral part of esteemed documentaries like "Planet Earth," Sir David Attenborough
Sir David Attenborough, a legend in nature documentary narration, was recently asked by BBC Radio 1 to narrate a women’s
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A T-Rex might have seemed like a mere snack to the animal whose gigantic jaws are now on permanent display in England. "This
Wildlife documentaries deny animals their "right to privacy", an academic claimed today. Read more on The Independent
Increasing population pressure in many nations is destroying, directly or indirectly, vitally important carbon storage systems on our planet.
"The natural world is the greatest source of excitement of visual beauty and intellectual interest of so much that makes
He said: "People often say, 'What would you like to be if you came back to Earth as an animal?' Well the answer I give depends