sir mix a lot

"Mama's Got Bump" is an ode to that "pouch of honor."
You'll like this version, and you cannot lie.
"She did weird things that I didn't understand then," he says.
Pippimamma: Life Outside the Cookie Cutter Podcast features unique people doing incredible things "Outside the Cookie Cutter
"A lot of people think, 'Did Nicki write you a check for $1 million?'" he says. "No. That's not how it happened."
The rapper had an epiphany about body image after seeing a beer commercial.
Holler at your girl(s). First the participants watched Sir-Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” from 1992. While watching, one woman
HuffPost Entertainment's podcast will focus on a variety of topics and issues. Stay tuned for more next week. Sir Mix-A-Lot
Sir Mix-A-Lot conducted a Reddit AMA on Saturday in which he said that he is just delighted that Nicki Minaj used "Baby Got