“Let them kill us... It’s better than the life we’re leaving behind.”
This month has seen a big push to dislodge ISIS from their stronghold in Sirte.
Here's where the group stands in the country.
Islamic State is attempting to create, across North Africa in general and in Libya in particular, the same type of hybrid political-terrorist state that it created in Iraq and Syria.
The failure of last year's election to achieve political unity in Libya was most evident when Fajr Libya, or "Libya Dawn" -- a diverse coalition of armed groups that includes an array of Islamist militias -- rejected the election's outcome and seized control of Tripoli.
Pressures mounted on the United Nations Security Council yesterday to lift its international embargo on arms to the Libyan government. In an interview with journalist Valerio Robecco, Libyan UN ambassador Ibrahim Dabbashi said, "A time limit should be set for militias to leave the capital and a government of national united needs to be formed.
According to Iddhow, Libya's former leader had no escape plan. After the fall of Tripoli into rebel hands, Gaddafi saw no
Politically speaking, he had already been dead for quite a while. But the widely circulated footage of Qaddafi's corpse, bare-chested and covered in blood, bears a special significance.
Peter Bouckaert: "Now that fighting has ended, one of the NTC's top priorities should be securing weapons facilities, and
Muammar Gaddafi was killed on Thursday after the capture of his hometown Sirte by Libyan fighters. The precise circumstances
Gaddafi's whereabouts had been unknown since Tripoli fell to revolutionary forces earlier this year. Most accounts agreed
The city of Sirte has a population of about 75,000 people, according to It's located on the coast between
Gaddafi was apparently found with a golden pistol, which was subsequently brandished by the revolutionary fighters in celebration
While much of the news about the conflict has come out of the nation's capital, Tripoli, the conflict came to a head as rebel
But Clinton also acknowledged that even without an armed insurgency, Libya faces major challenges in bringing together the
After Libyan rebels captured Muammar Gaddafi's hometown of Sirte on Thursday, reports surfaced that the ousted Libya leader