sister act

What do you imagine the life of a nun looks like? As a child, you might have imagined the lifestyle of a cloistered nun to be similar to Julie Andrews' whimsical life in the abbey in the Sound of Music. Basically, your definition of a cloistered nun would include a lot of praying, singing, and helping each other out.
Bola Taylor, a Jazz/Gospel singer who has spent the last 20 years of her life combining her musical talents with missionary work in Japan has announced that she has inoperable cancer and will be performing her final concert on September 21st after being discharged from the hospital.
The "Sister Act" remake is just one in a stream of remakes that Hollywood has in the works. Last month, we learned that the
It's practically 2015, and we mustn't forget the Tiffany Pollards and Brooklyns of the world. It was the perfectly highlighted and coiffed Todd Chrisley who said, "You don't ever go out of the house with your snapdragon snappin.'" I will buy a round of beer for anyone who can translate that.
Previously, our best knowledge of convents came from Whoopi Goldberg and her "Sister Act" movies, which would have us believe
Today marks the 58th birthday of the fabulous actress, comedian and talk show host, Whoopi Goldberg. Whether she was sporting
When critiquing, one is supposed to be reserved, to maintain credibility by not gushing and by pointing out the flaws as well as the high points of something. The problem is, I loved Sister Act at The Pantages.
There is work worth seeing at regional theaters throughout the country. All throughout the country new plays are being produced, old ones revived. I can't properly express how important I think it is to support local theater.
It’s everything that I expected, it’s fabulous. I’m having a great time. The cast and crew, we’re melding very well together
I will say this is the first time in my life where I have not thought about anything else. I have a master plan for my life
Raven Symone was looking quite leggy at her "Sister Act" Broadway debut Tuesday night. After nailing her performance in the
"What? You and three other people?" That's what a friend of mine said when I told him I went to see John Carter.
A new report shows that Broadway's audience is becoming increasingly homogeneous. The 2010-11 season saw a large dip in foreign
For more on this case, click over to The Hollywood Reporter. Just about two decades following the release of the smash-hit
"The Mighty Macs" is about much more universal themes than athletics and sportsmanship. It's about the power of faith and the virtues of long-suffering, hard work and sacred friendship.
In addition to balancing a career between music and theater, the Broadway star and Apple enthusiast is set to enter the mobile
As emphasis on new media continues to grow, "ordinary people" reviews are increasingly considered important. One indication of this is the Sister Act confessional in the Broadway Theatre lobby.