Sister Helen Prejean

We invite others and lift them up. We listen and learn, rooted in the communities that sustain us, driven by our personal stories of heartbreak and resilience, carrying the wisdom of our ancestors, the urgency of today, and imagination for a better future.
I finally sat down to read a recent U.S. Supreme Court opinion on an important issue: are all prisoners serving mandatory sentences of life without parole for crimes they committed as juveniles entitled to new sentences based on an earlier ruling that such sentences constitute unconstitutional cruel and unusual punishment?
With just days before a death row inmate's scheduled execution, activist and actress Susan Sarandon makes an impassioned
Update: The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals on Wednesday granted an emergency, two-week stay of execution for death row
BOSTON -- Dzhokhar Tsarnaev expressed remorse for the violence he and his brother unleashed two years ago that killed four
New Orleans, Louisiana (CNN) -- Sister Helen Prejean blasts the air-conditioner in her champagne-colored Toyota Corolla, the
I have been reading with interest the many articles and comments about the controversial decision by Peter Gelb of the Metropolitan
Incredibly, this was Jake's first opera. It first premiered in 2000 at the San Francisco Opera and continues to be produced
Restorative justice is a system that fundamentally views crime as injury rather than wrong-doing, and justice as healing rather than punishment. Whilst visiting New York, Minneapolis, Hawaii and Texas I've uncovered some remarkable US-based programs that bear this out.
In a statement released Sept. 27, the Catholic bishops of the state called on voters to support Proposition 34, a voter referendum