More proof that whenever the “Home Improvement” star tweets, it really is tool time.
"They were lightweight, PG versions of us with no complicated backstories. Must be nice."
"As a Black woman in entertainment, I feel the responsibility to stand up for what I deserve," the actor said.
The ABC sitcom's cast will come together for a new pandemic-themed special to benefit charities.
A new book supposedly reveals the bonkers reason NBC let the star who played Michael Scott walk.
The throwback photo was taken in January 2004 -- before the taping of the hit sitcom's final episode.
The actor told Graham Norton about the time the show's producers had a "look of panic" as if to say, "‘Is it too late to fire him?'"
NBC executives said the sitcom, which broke fresh ground in its portrayal of LGBTQ characters, will come to a close once again next year.
A 44-year-old episode of the CBS sitcom featured Beverly La Salle, an empowered drag character, writer Matt Baume notes in his "Culture Cruise" series.
ITV wants to combat the boys' club in comedy, where the storied “writers rooms” on sitcoms and late night shows often consist entirely or mostly of men.