The TV icon also speaks about ending the show after nine seasons.
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There's no tissue box big enough for the deluge of tears Season Two will bring.
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The most anticipated TV reboots this season.
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Bidding a fond farewell to these fan faves.
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(photo © Ronan Killeen) Most of us will never have the opportunity to sit down and watch our life story being told. When
I grew up watching Friends. I fell in love with Chandler Bing and cheered for Ross and Rachel. I cried when Phoebe lost her cat. I couldn't wait for the day I could have my own Central Perk where my close-knit group of friends would lounge on an over-stuffed orange couch for hours just chatting and teasing each other. I waited. And I waited. And I waited.
Is Seinfeld still relevant to first-time viewers today? I think so! I'll never be a first-time viewer, so I can't say for
(photo courtesy of NPR) Hopeful Actor Collaborations What Informs his Writing Though the name may be unfamiliar to the average