Site-specific art

Amsterdam-based trio Bob, Marcia and Stijn made their first carpet in 2009, while collaborating on an "Instant Nature" exhibition
Fear is a great motivator. It gets us out of bed in the morning, it bathes us in adrenaline, and helps keep us on task and grounded. In moderation, fear can be our friend. But fear-based motivation gets toxic and counter-productive.
As I began to orient the programming more toward the building itself, a wave of dread rippled out, first to colleagues in the classical music world, then to the audience. Change was coming, and the humans were not happy.
Artist Susie MacMurray consorts with the dangerous quality of beauty, that threatening edge between the sublime and the sinister. She understands exactly how, and exactly where, tension can form an unexpected harmony.
Rarely said aloud, "Museum programming" may be perceived as stuffy, reactive, didactic and, worst of all, predictable. However, leading museums are proving otherwise --more contemporary programming abounds.
Space, Zigmund understands, is not just utilitarian: it is symbolic. It is real and imaginary and it is a repository for meaning, memory and human interaction.
The Los Angeles Nomadic Division (LAND), a non-profit art organization dedicated to curating site- and situation-specific
The public art installation is located at OFFSITE, a part of the Vancouver Art Gallery. It will show until September 16. In
Though it may not come as much of a relief, subway commuters and downtown residents should know that Americans aren't the
Marking 99 years since the Titanic sank, the Guggenheim presents 'T.1912,' a site-specific staged audience experience conceived