Six Degrees of Separation

2. During this phone conversation you are going to ask one very important question: "Who do you know that might be interested
We are just trying to end our internal six degrees of separation, and bring together all those parts and aspects inside of us that have been internally battling for many years and bring them all together as the people we truly are.
When having a private conversation in a public place--even a crowded New York City restaurant--you can never be too circumspect.
We never know exactly how many people are listening to what we say, watching what we do, or reading what we post... but we'd be crazy to think that it's anything less than a whole lot.
At last week's big soiree to celebrate Stockard Channing's prolific career, it seemed very fitting to call the event, "Six Degrees of Stockard Channing." In fact, after much calculating, it was discovered that Channing can be linked to every show on Broadway within six degrees.
Walt Disney sped up the tempo from the original version and made it more cheery, but it is arguably a simple message that we continue to strive for decades later.
It's interesting if you are really paying attention what you will see, and more importantly, what you will come to understand.
Most days we are going so fast that we need to stop and ask who in our six degrees can use our help? Who needs someone to listen to them?
Kevin Bacon loves defining his prevalence in "degrees" and, this time, he's making it seasonally relevant. In "12 Degrees
In a globally interconnected world, what better vehicle for redefining tribal associations than a worldwide communications network?
I have found that upon entering my 50's, along with a sprinkling of menopause, I am, on average, six thoughts away from the actual thing I am trying to say.
We're back! The real news of the week was, of course, Hurricane Sandy -- the largest Atlantic hurricane on record and one
A "Bacon number," for those who don't know, is the number of "degrees of separation" between any movie star in Hollywood
Folk singer Joni Mitchell also gave up her daughter for adoption in 1965 and was finally reunited with her in 1997. "It left
No, Kevin Bacon isn't in the new Footloose movie. Or is he...? As you may have heard, moviedom's original dancing Ren is
Kyra Sedgwick describes the discovery that she and her husband Kevin Bacon are 10th cousins once-removed as "a little upsetting," but it shouldn't be. Here's why.
Russia is in the middle of the worst heat wave in its recorded history. When I think about the forces making the pursuit of sustainability unavoidable, I often try to categorize or separate them to get a handle on what's going on.