sixto rodriguez

While we may be booming as a city with tens of construction cranes dotting the downtown skyline, it is the thousands of tents of the homeless on the sidewalks and freeway overpasses that have me concerned.
If someone a year ago were to have told Rodriguez that in a years time he would sell out Radio City Music Hall, he probably would have said they were crazy.
Our Sages tells us that the truly rich man is the man who is content with what he already has. "Searching for Sugar Man" reminds us that it is who we are that give us our identity, not what we possess.
Searching for Sugar Man won the Academy Award for best documentary. In South Africa there is significant debate about whether or not the documentary overstates the role of Sixto Rodriguez in liberating the minds of South Africans. What truths did he help to surface?
Tickets go on sale for the Masonic Temple performance at 10 a.m. Friday on Ticketmaster. After the documentary about his
"Detropia," another Detroit-based documentary, had also been considered for nomination, but didn't make the final cut. Swedish
The Motor City could be getting some star treatment at the 2013 Academy Awards, thanks to two Detroit-centered films that
If you live in Detroit, chances are you've seen "Sugar Man," as the rest of the world now knows singer-songwriter Sixto Rodriguez
It is rare that a documentary elicits emotions that I carry with me for days and weeks after I have seen it. But that is just what Searching for Sugar Man did.
It's something of a spoiler to let you know that Rodriguez, the subject of Sundance-approved documentary "Searching for Sugar