size discrimination

“I love figuring out my size by conceptualizing how many skinny people will fit in my clothes."
"I did my research. If I had to buy two seats, I would have."
Carla was hammered. But that didn't make her proclamation go down any easier. I could feel the mercury of outrage rising
By going “off script,” the actress exposes the billion-dollar diet and fitness industries to questions they'd likely not
It should come as no surprise that reality weight loss television is extremely destructive. Major news outlets like The New
We can't wait to see the final product. "Fat bodies in popular culture are monsters or goofy best friends," Averill told
"The thing about living in a marginalized body is that it means there are lots and lots of people with the juxtaposed privilege
Body shame, like bodies, come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Danielle Pointdujour, a freelance writer, and Madeline Jones, the editor at PLUS Model Magazine join HuffPost Live to debunk some of the myths surround plus-size women.
There was this instance when I was very eager to join the cheering squad of my school back in high school. But since petite
Ramos visited the bar on March 3 and again on April 4 and experienced the same discrimination both times, she said. The second