"We hope that [the docu-series] will inspire people to talk about the elephant in the room."
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"I think the biggest thing we've got from Mom is independence through what she demonstrated, what she said, and how she parented."
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“I could literally tell my family I’d cured cancer and the conversation would still end with, ‘But are you dating anyone?’”
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“I compare my Instagram posts to those friends of mine who took another path and I wonder what that kind of life would be like, however … they are probably looking at my page and wondering the same.”
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Digital Overlapping somewhat with holistic beauty are "niche" brands. With the ever-increasing sophistication of consumers
Misa Kuranaga: As a teenager, I struggled. My body isn’t really the perfect proportion for a ballet dancer. I’m pretty petite
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Cate Blanchett -- who has been serving as SK-II's Global Brand Ambassador for four years now -- had actually been a fan of