Skai Jackson

"Some people don’t even recognize me from 'Jessie' or 'Bunk’d.' Some people just recognize me from the meme." 😂
Disney Channel's hit show "Bunk'd" kicks off season 2 this week starting August 23, with a brand new episode each night through August 26. That's right, season 2 is starting of with a bang!
The 14-year-old took the internet by storm last month when a photo of her getting ready for an interview in New York turned
Skai's confidence is exactly what the internet needs right now.
When I use the word character I'm referring specifically to the behaviors, actions and words displayed by an individual over a period of time. And based on Azealia Banks' character, I can no longer support her, black girl or not.
Disney, its huge brand, and its OTT (over-the-top) kid-centric fun activities took over the Directors Guild of American building on Sunset Boulevard.