Detroit's Victor Williams casually delivered his report about a new skatepark in the coolest way possible.
Australian skater Kieran Woolley fist-bumped the camera operator once he was sure the guy was OK.
Misugu Okamoto was short of a medal, but wasn't short of friends.
The 20-year-old Arizonan was briefly concerned the injury would derail his Olympic dreams. "I just had to dig deep," he said.
Rayssa Leal, who earned internet gold in 2015 when filmed shredding in fairy wings and a dress at 7, is now one of the youngest athletes to earn an Olympic medal.
Momiji Nishiya of Japan won the women's street competition. The other medal winners in the event were 13 and 16.
Amazingly, Peru’s Angelo Caro Narvaez got back up and continued his skateboarding routine despite this agonizing moment.
The men's street competition began Saturday, and photographers captured every grinding moment of it.
The skateboarding legend is commentating on the games but couldn't resist a trial run on the Ariake Urban Sports Park course.