skateboarding dog

Weird News
"He was a little 60-pound butterball of inspiration for a lot of people."
Not be confused with Winston the tapdancing bulldog, or Winston the deaf English bulldog who scoots to the blues, this dog
Weird News
"The kids just think it's normal to have a pet like this. They grew up with him biking with them. He's probably the best
Los Angeles
And good balance isn't all he has. When Norm is not mastering physical feats, he's charming hearts with his stellar manners
Remember Tyson the skateboarding dog? Well so do the Muppets. Rizzo the Rat was upset that the Muppet crew had been outdone
For some natural-born skateboarding dogs, this crude technique works. In other cases you end up with a dog that sometimes rides the skateboard and at other times tries to eat it.