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The star of the new HBO comedy talks her inspirations, hopes for the show, and why she's not trying to be the next Kevin Hart.
A bootleg recording of a performance by the disgraced comedian was shared online on Sunday.
Among other happenings, the first fast-food union formed and a U.S. service member died in Afghanistan.
A couple of suggestions from the audience... no props... and you're off and running. Improvisational comedy has been around for decades, and its popularity shows no sign of declining.
The battle of the sexes wages on in this hilarious parody of competitive game shows; but this time the women must also overcome society's double standards. Christina Milian's color commentary highlights how the balance of power still leans in one direction.
The classic board game we all know and love has been updated for 2016 with a twist of racial inequality, and just in time for the holidays! Sanaa Lathan sells the sad truth in this hilarious parody commercial. To make a difference in the lives of those in foster care, visit
In a TMFS sketch, Shemp Bundy, nephew of Cliven Bundy offers #NoDAPL protesters tips on protesting "the Bundy way" after
In a world where Trump has won the election, Wilmer Valderrama reports live from Mexico where American refugees can't get across the border fast enough. To learn more about programs that engage, educate and empower Latino Communities go to VOTOLATINO.ORG
When life throws a diaper in your face, have no fear: Taye Diggs is here, to help your children develop essential reading skills...and to keep them occupied while you shower in peace. To learn more about childhood literacy and get involved, visit the National Head Start Association at
NEW YORK - Like most BUILD Series conversations, there was a discussion about Saturday Night Live when Guy Fieri stopped
Get a whiff of Butch pride in Lea Delaria's comedic homage to the classic David Lynch perfume ads. To learn more about LGBT youth issues and to get involved, go to ALIFORNEYCENTER.ORG
The design dream team The Scott Brothers demonstrate just how ridiculous separate bathrooms for everyone can be. To learn more about LGBT issues and to get involved, go to WEARESBNN.COM
In a TMFS sketch, we break down the real reasons the Fraternal Order Of Police endorsed Donald Trump for President.
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In a TMFS sketch, we break down the outrage of Hillary Clinton calling half of Donald Trump's supporters a "basket of deplorables
Why outsource American jobs to other countries when we've got the cheapest workforce right here: women! Kristen Bell stars as a hilarious advocate for the not so funny issue of women's rights. Learn more about empowering girls and women by going to