Go ahead, give your inner artist some space to grow.
What: The Sketchbook Project Journal Why: This journal gives you 300 ideas for creating illustrations on paper. If you sketch
10. Experiment with prompts. Drawing doesn't have to be sacred, according to Belleville-Van Stone. The author encourages
When I travel, I always have a sketchbook with me and I like doing small studies like this one in gouache.
Think about your sketchbook as the ultimate resource for ideas and visuals; it should reflect the inner workings of your mind.
In the trailer for her latest book of sketches, Drawing Around Sagrada Família, Swedish illustrator Nina Johansson says, "Drawing the world really makes life a richer experience." Since I started travel sketching two and a half years ago, I've always found this to be true.
Two years ago, I started bringing a sketchbook and watercolor pencils with me on the road -- now I can't imagine traveling without them (though I've since upgraded to a travel-sized set of watercolor paints).
Text by Carmen Ho for "Magazine covers are designed to stop you in your tracks, that is their purpose." I can say
If you peek inside a sketchbook of a designer, you can see the birth of their ideas: everything from corporate communications
Collaboraction's immersive, accessible, vibrant, interdisciplinary, multiracial, multigenerational Sketchbook festival of 19 plays, each 7 minutes or less, is definitely not to be missed.