Jean Carlos Mendez Perez had a humor and warmth that made him a great salesman - and helped him find love, a co-worker said
"There is no one I would rather spend every day of my life with."
I was up for the sunrise and climbed the Inca ruins with my paints. Words cannot adequately capture how truly spectacular this site is, and how amazing that they could build these structures in this inaccessible place.
It is still not too late to see Maine Sublime: Frederic Church's Landscapes of Mount Desert and Mount Katahdin -- a gem of a small exhibit which closes October 27th
In the trailer for her latest book of sketches, Drawing Around Sagrada Família, Swedish illustrator Nina Johansson says, "Drawing the world really makes life a richer experience." Since I started travel sketching two and a half years ago, I've always found this to be true.
Two years ago, I started bringing a sketchbook and watercolor pencils with me on the road -- now I can't imagine traveling without them (though I've since upgraded to a travel-sized set of watercolor paints).
Gideon Summerfield is a 17-year-old art student who had big plans for 2012. The young creative set out to make a sketch for
A huge and previously unknown trove of archival material from Philip Johnson's architectural practice -- including his hand
Franz Kafka wanted all his manuscripts to be burned after his death, but his friend Max Brod disregarded the request, seeding